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Pole Barns Salem OR

Pole Barns Salem OR is a company that welcomes you with open minds. We have an understanding of what our customers need and want. We seek this understanding through a free consultation with you.

We have all types of pole buildings, pole barn homes, steel shops, horse barns, and more.

About Pole Barns Salem OR

It is our mission as pole barn builders Salem to get you a quality pole building or pole barn garage. We also do any other type of pole building for you. We raise the bar when it comes to how we build and the customer service that comes with it.

We make sure that our pole building prices are affordable for as many people as possible. We take your budget very seriously and are respectful of staying within your budget.

It is our goal to meet your timeline. We are aware that building in any form comes with a lot of stress. We do our job to reduce any unneeded stress for you. We work to build friends not only to have customers.

We work very well as a team and have great communication with our customers. When customers let us know of their concerns, we listen and work on taking care of those concerns. We believe in very satisfied customers and do what we can to make that happen.

We know that no one has the time or budget for things to go wrong. We get your metal buildings Salem done right the first time we do them. Our goal is for our customers to always be able to rely on us to get it done in the best way possible.

Why Choose Us?

We have become a well-established company through the years of work we have done. We have the experience we need to do a quality job. We have experience in both site preparation as well as concrete work, and building.

Why do customers choose to work with us here at Pole Barns Salem OR? Here are some reasons:

  • We have a highly experienced crew
  • We create sturdy structures from quality materials
  • We have proper assembly and installation
  • We have building plans for every type of pole building
  • We are a loyal and responsible company

The buildings we make can withstand any and all harsh weather conditions. They hold up very well throughout many years. We have seen many happy customers that have become friends over the years.

We have many important qualities for a building company. We put our customers first. We sacrifice in ways to make your building come together in a beautiful and quick way.

We would love to work with you on your new building. We look forward to meeting you and helping you design your next home, shop, or other types of pole home or building. Call our builders today. We are happy to begin the design and building process with you!

Get A Free Estimate With Our Shop Builders Salem!

We walk through what is most important for you with your barn pole house or any type of building you are building. We take that information and make it work within your budget. We get the details from you.

From the first meeting with our Salem shop builders to the final construction, you will be impressed. You will get the details of what your pole building cost is. You will have it written out with great detail in your estimate.

salem pole buildings & metal buildings

We walk through your options and decide what you want as far as how many garage doors you want and to what size you want them to be. We will also figure out and plan the windows, doors, and many more details of your building.

We will put together a design and show it to you. You will get to approve the design and layout. If there are things you would like to change, we adjust them as needed. We will prep the site that we are going to build.

We then will pour the concrete for the foundation of the home. After that we will begin construction on your building. We work step by step in an organized way. We focus on your building and your building only to get it done quickly without wasting time.

Our Services

There is a big difference between every different type of pole building. What are these differences and what sets them apart from each other? We will learn the difference between a shome, shop with living quarters, pole barn homes, and residential pole buildings. We will also talk about options for larger pole buildings and what they can offer you.

salem residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

These buildings can be made to the specifics of your wants and needs. Depending on if you have more of a modern home style or more traditional you can tailor your home to your style. You save thousands of dollars by building a residential pole building rather than building a home made out of wood.

salem metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Can be used for agricultural buildings. These can be used to store your livestock and the equipment you need. Pole buildings that are made for commercial use will look much different than pole building homes and other buildings. They are made with much more custom designs and features to fit the needs of the company.

salem shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

You will want to be comfortable with the design and style of your shop that has living quarters. This is because you will be coming home to this shop everyday. You will want to know how many people you will have living there to decide how many bedrooms you want to have.

salem metal carports

Metal Carports

We have many options for carports to make them in a way that will complement your existing structures on your property. These are a great way to shield and protect your cars from the weather and reduce sun damage without having to spend more money on an entire garage.

salem barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

A combination of a shop and a home is often referred to as a shome. They are sometimes also called a shouse. Barn builders can build these in a way that you have both. This saves space on your property by doing them both together. We can do the same with a barn and living quarters, also referred to as a barndominium.

salem pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

Pole barn homes have a beautifully open floor plan. If you love an open floor plan then this is the type of home you will want to build. If you look at “pole buildings near me” you will see the hundreds of different ways you can have a pole barn home built.

salem shop builders

Garages, Shops, And Barns

We can make you metal garages and Salem pole barns that match your home. By doing this it makes it look less like another lone standing building and more like an extension of your home. These are great ways to protect your belongings as well as store any extra fun vehicles or boats. Your horses or other animals can have a good looking, safe space to be.

salem pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

DIY kits are a great way to build your own home, shop, or other type of metal building. There are many different building options to choose from. They are equipped with the building instructions as well as the materials you need to help you build it. You do not have to be a professional construction worker in order to build your pole building.

Contact us today for a free pole building quote!

About Salem Oregon

The population of Salem is around 175,000 which makes it almost the largest city in Oregon. It is about an hour’s drive from Portland Oregon.

There are a couple of Universities within the city as well as a community college. There is one river and many small streams that flow through Salem. It is a city that is filled with many hills and has some canyons as well.

It has gotten snow in that past but snow is not a yearly occurrence. We are a major agricultural food processing center and have many farming communities. Kettle Foods is one of our largest employers.

To accommodate the growth of our community, we have plans to increase the supply of housing. The cities that contribute to our growth that are very near to us are:

  • Keizer, OR
  • Silverton, OR
  • Independence, OR
  • Stayton, OR
  • Aumsville, OR
  • Mount Angel, OR
  • Jefferson, OR
  • Sublimity, OR
  • Gervais, OR
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between metal buildings and steel buildings?

Although pole buildings are referred to as both metal and steel buildings they are both buildings. “Metal” buildings are usually made from steel and steel buildings are describing the type of material the building is made of.

Can a barn package be customized?

Yes. There are many ways that you can get your package or your kit customized to what you want. You may want a pole barn with loft or pole barn with living quarters. Find your “shop builders near me” and they will help you customize your plan to what you are looking for. Give us a call to customize your plan with one of our metal barn builders.

Rather than use pole building contractors near me, can I build on my own?

Yes you always have the option to build your building on your own. You will not have to take the time to look for “pole barn builders near me”. We simply let you know the pole barn cost, you purchase, and get to work. Our plans that come with the metal buildings Salem are very detailed. This makes the construction of pole buildings Salem OR relatively easy even if you do not have a big construction background. We offer phone support with our shop builders and pole barn builders so the process will go smooth for you.

Do I have to buy building plans separate from the pole barn kits?

You may be able to buy building plans separate from the pole barn kits Salem depending on the type of kit. There are many Salem pole barns that are kits and come with the building plans included in the kit. This saves on money and time to figure out which building plan you want if you already choose the kit.

Customer Testimonials

The work ethic of our pole building contractors was very impressive. They used their time very wisely and got our pole barn up very quickly.

Julian M.

When friends and family see our barn pole house they immediately ask who did it. We got a great deal and had wonderful customer service throughout.

Travis Y.

We loved the service we were given. We had help when choosing what type of building would best fit our property and our needs. They were open and understanding all while being very informative.

Daniel H.

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Are you worried about getting your house up before bad weather rolls in? We work well even under timing deadlines.

We have a variety of buildings and material options to meet your needs. With everything from barns to commercial buildings, we provide it all.

We look forward to building you the steel buildings or metal buildings that you want to be built for you. We also look forward to getting you set up with the pole building kits Salem that will work for you if you want to take that route.

Give us a call today at Pole Barns Salem OR to discuss the details behind your project.

Pole Barns Salem Oregon

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